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Fashion is one category which Amazon always likes to dominate in a big way, and today the online retailer has no match in the industry. Amazon’s smart move to go after high fashion has earned the online site a large number of shoppers all over the world, with women easily outnumbering men in the retail clothing market. Not only does the leading global online retailer sells clothing dresses from leading brands at deep discounts, but more importantly, they ensure that the brands that market the products as well as the shoppers who buy them fell equally happy with the deal.

Seeing the rapid pace at which Amazon has been recording growth in sale, several potential competitors have already vacated the scene to leave Amazon all alone in the front. The free shipping offered by Amazon on all products, irrespective of whether they cost $10 or $1,000, has attracted a lot of women shoppers. Also, the retailer’s decision to sign on hundreds of high-end brands has impressed people who look for a wide selection option. Be it the publishing industry, electronics sector, or mobile phones category, Amazon is miles ahead of other online retailers in making available the latest products. There are many more salient features that distinguish Amazon from others in the retail industry.