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It’s more and more clear how terrible the George W. Bush presidency is.Much more fearful than their monetary fiascoes may be the attack from the Bush team on American Civil Liberties.That truth was the cause of some celebration with a large group of alleged Thoreauvian scholars who study the man’s large body of writings. His private record runs to 22,000 pages.Make sure to learn more about history essays on the internet.

After he’d spent just one night in jail in 1846 for refusing to pay his poll tax, regardless of the fact his friends agreed to pay it for him Thoreau wrote the article. He simply refused to pay for a tax to aid a government which he considered unfair, in his case since it allowed the outright possession of human beings by other human beings: Slavery. He was a fully open Abolitionist.

Whether Thoreau’s writings and frequent public speeches led to the American Civil War, the essay Civil Disobedience certainly has received a profound impact on the course of history. Three of those cited Civil Disobedience as a work within the development of the thinking, Count Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas K.
I find it amazing to consider that the single short statement of moral motivation by Henry David Thoreau, an area Massachusetts land-surveyor of very tenuous health, could so shake the planet as it obviously has. But, it ain’t been simple.

Fear has turned into a political weapon employed for the reasons. A brand new name has appeared for controlling dissent: The War on Terror. The scale of this type of war avoid me. I actually do not need much knowledge of what Bush and Chaney plan once they spout their venom. Terror exists within the character and minds of people, in this instance Americans, basically am right. We’re terrified, and I consent that Bush and Bin Lauden and Rumsfeld and Chaney and Ashcroft have acted in concert to create us terrified of mass destruction
But, now is now in The Usa. We’re confronted with a deeply divided country again. The department this time around is actually based on money and power.People can find out more about history essays on the web. The Bush team is strongly entrenching a financial aristocracy, that they appear ready to maintain at any price in the lives of our military and in our civil liberties. Osama Bin Lauden may have changed the planet and America forever, if he does nothing more.