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In terms of good oral health, it has been pointed out by seattlesmiledentist that many of us often forget that proper brushing habits are just as important as observing proper care and maintenance with the toothbrushes that we use. What does this mean?

When you are done brushing your teeth, what do you do next? Majority would just take to replacing the cover in their toothbrushes and putting it back in its storage place. So which part of that is wrong? Well, to answer that, its the part where you did not wait for your toothbrush to dry before putting back the cover. Why is this so? This is because a moist toothbrush is most likely to cultivate bacteria buildup. It can serve as a very rich breeding ground for bacteria. And imagine that going into your mouth. Disgusting, right? Aside from that, a soggy toothbrush also has the tendency to get misshapen. When this happens, any amount of brushing you do will just become useless. This is because the bristles in your toothbrush become weak thereby rendering it ineffective in getting rid of plaque and any leftover food particle in the mouth. All that being said, the proper thing to do after brushing is to shake off any excess water from the toothbrush after cleaning it. Then, wait for a few minutes before putting back the cover and putting it into its storage place.