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Usually the size of the pond or aquarium depends upon the variety of goldfish or number of fish in the tank. The average size of an aquarium or fish tank is 3 x 6, but some people prefer big sized tank. Fancy Goldfish love to be paired up with similar fish in the community. These fancy fish eat both animals like prepared or live foods and plant. One can also toss fish flakes or Pellets to feed them. Fancy Goldfish are usually middle swimmers, like the Comet Goldfish, and it means one can find them moving around in the middle of the fish tank or aquarium. Fancy Goldfish need buddies to communicate or play, so it is good to have 2 or 3 other Goldfish in the aquarium for their company. The fish holder should have a fish tank with size, more than 29 Gallons because these get bigger within a very short period of time.

Here are some signs of a healthy and happy goldfish:
They are eating like champs and normally love to play

These fish are swimming at the right water level and stay near bottom when the water is clear.

No skin lesions and pure colors

Steady gills and seems active