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Whether or not you should bother with free online games as found on www.juegos-debatman.com and similar gaming related websites would depend upon your individual taste and requirements. Because if you are an advanced gamer, you may not like these as much as a newbie may like. The reason being, online flash based free games are basic in nature, mostly suited to people who are occasional gamers.

If you do not spend much of your time gaming and any type of a game would do to help you spend your free time better, than free flash based games that can easily be found on numerous websites over the internet would meet your needs. They will not require that you download their featured games before you can play them nor do they require you to invest money into it for the privilege of getting access to these games. Advanced gamers on the other hand, tend to have more specialized gaming requirements which can simply not be met by basic flash based games.

Free games are in most cases meant for newbies who are looking to gain some level of expertise before going for more advanced games. If you are new to games, you may benefit from free gaming websites however if you are an expert gamer, you might as well find these free games based websites to be a waste of time for you.