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According to an international journal of management science “Outsourcing your IT support has been recognized to potentially have many important potential benefits for any organization”.

Outsourcing your IT is a simple way of making sure that your IT systems constantly work. Organizations don’t employ a mechanic to maintain or fix their vehicles. They just want to know that they are working in a safe and secure manner. So why do they utilize their resources in order to manage a constantly changing vital piece of their company; the IT systems? Below are the reasons for utilizing outsourcing services:

a) Expertise

Outsourcing your IT services gives you an access to people who are constantly working in the IT Support Industry. This means that they are coming across issues who are facing businesses in the United Kingdom each and every day. Your problem will be an easy solution for them. The IT support industry is constantly evolving with new technology where as in-house IT support can become stagnated. There are various IT outsourcing companies available on the web which you can consider.

b) Cost

Outsourcing your IT support saves money. Every size of company can make significant savings through outsourcing. For example a company of 25 employees would save 40,000 per year. The biggest single saving is wages and all the costs and time associated with that such as, tax and NI payments, recruitment, pension contribution, training, accreditations, overtime, mobile phone bill, company car, fuel card, sickness pay or holiday pay and many more things.

c) Full time cover

Outsourced companies offer cover 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Usually no call out fee is charged. What does your company do when your IT support manager is on holiday or sick?