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Banks in UK have declared nearly 10 billion pounds are stuck in mis-sold payment protection insurance. Mis-sold payment protection insurance is not only a hectic process but it costs a lot. If you are among those people who have been given wrong PPI by insurance companies then you must be looking for a claim company who can guarantee you to get your refund. These claim companies charge very high rates from the clients of their refund. It goes to 30% of your total refund claim money. This is very high percentage which you cannot afford to pay to get your own money back. There are very few claim companies who are charging very low fee from clients. If they are unable to recover your money they will not charge anything from you. You can reclaim PPI with these companies without inference of any third party. PPI claim is a popular scandal these days in financial sector. PPI claim victims are mis-sold because they are not aware of the policy. They do not know how much they need pay for premiums and that is why these claim companies charge high rates premium. Some good companies in UK will guarantee your refund. Their experts of financial industry will help you to get your refund in very short span of time.
Experienced staffs help you to get informative and friendly treatment during the whole procedure. You will experience a completely hassle free and fast procedure. These claim companies also offer cash to you on your recommendation of any friend or relative. You can also contact low fee ppi claims company for low PPI rates. It is a UK based company and it has great customer service and guaranteed results. They are charging 12% of your refund amount. It is a fully regulated solicitor firm and has lowest fees in the whole UK.