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Finding a stray dog can be scary and intimidating to both the person and the dog, and training and integrating him into your family requires lots of time and patience. Kennel training provides a good sense of security and protection for all members of the home and can be done pretty easily with a few simple measures. It’s vital to follow appropriate procedure to make certain the entire family benefits from training.

1) Choose a kennel large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in. Crates can be found in a myriad of materials and sizes. Plastic or metal crates are best for routine, family crating as collapsible, cloth kennels aren’t intended for long term, unsupervised use. You can even lookout for dog boarding New York services, for more info as well as help.

2) Set up the crate in an area of the residence where the family spends a substantial number of time like a household or living room.

3) Call the dog to the kennel and speak to him in a relaxed, joyful tone. Reward him with praise or treats for going close to the crate or stepping inside. Use a clue word such as “Bed” or “Crate” when rewarding him to start word association. He’ll naturally be inquisitive in regards to the crate. Reward him every time he comes near it to reinforce the positive association.

4) Feed the dog his meals inside or close to the crate to develop a positive association. Keep the doorway open until the dog seems comfortable eating indoors. Then, close the door with following meals. Initially, open the door as soon as he is finished eating. With each meal leave the door closed longer and longer until he’s comfortable for at least 10 minutes within the kennel.