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Modern audio transmitters are a cost-effective option to distribute music through a home. However, one limitation of today’s products is the operating range. In this article I will look closer at how far today’s wireless transmitters can transmit the signal through a home.

The operating range depends on several factors. The first factory is the transmitter frequency. As a rule of thumb, the range is larger if the transmitter frequency is lower. So a 900 MHz transmitter would normally be able to transmit further than a 2.4 GHz transmitter. However, digital 2.4 GHz transmitters such as Amphony transmitter products normally transmit at a higher output power level than 900 MHz transmitters depending on the type of modulation used.

Entry-level transmitters such as 900 MHz FM transmitters are restricted to around 1 mW output power by the FCC. Digital transmitters on the other hand can transmit at up to 1 Watt of power. Practically most transmitters won’t exceed 100 mW of power though. Another factory besides the transmitter frequency and transmitter power is the receiver sensitivity as well as the number of obstacles blocking the direct line of sight. Normally manufacturers will specify the range for an ideal line-of-sight scenario. The actual range will be lower due to walls blocking the signal.