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We are a renowned e cigarette company based in the UK, and supplying UK citizens with this amazing, non-burning cigarette.

Non- burning ash-less cigarettes
Our electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco as other cigarettes do. There is thus no burning of anything, and no toxic smoke or ash is produced when smoking http://www.cloudcig.co.uk/ – E cig . The e-cigs we manufacturer are made up of a pipe, liquid nicotine, a battery that can be recharged and a cartridge container which contains the liquefied nicotine.

Electronic cigarette working mechanism
The pipe that holds the nicotine cartridge has a working mechanism, powered by the rechargeable battery (that heats up the nicotine liquid in the cartridge to produce fumes/ vapor. The nicotine vapor is what smokers inhale and then exhale more or less water vapor.

E-cigs are safer to use than tobacco cigarettes because the fumes are not dry or the result of burned substances; which produce a lot of carbonthat is harmful to the lungs. The inhaled nicotine fumes do less harm to the lungs than the pungent tobacco vapor. The exhaled ecig fumes are also more environmental, and third party, friendly because no carbon is released into the air.

Social acceptance
Compared to the smoking an ash producing tobacco cigarette, electronic cigarette uk is more socially acceptable. With e cigarettes, smoker need not worry about having to carry a lighter or find some secluded place to smoke. They also do not have to worry about making everything dirty with the ash from the cigarette or accidentally burning things with some burning cigarette butts. There is also no worry about carrying many or worrying about where to dispose off used cigarette butts.

Pocket friendly www.cloudcig.co.uk/ – E Cigarette
Our e cigs are reusable. We supply more than one sized cartridge, and liquid nicotine in bulk to clients who would rather stock up their own nicotine and refill whenever they want. We clearly label our cartridges on the content level of nicotine each cartridge holds in the liquid and, depending on ones need for a stimulant they can buy zero to relatively high nicotine content liquid. In their efforts quit smoking, some people prefer smoking our e cigarettes;especially when their addiction to smoking is more from a psychological need than a physical need for a stimulant. Regular cigarettes are not reusable as once the tobacco in each cigarette has burnt, a new one has to be used.