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Today, identity theft is one of the most frequently occurring offenses in the world. It costs its sufferers a great deal of wastage of money and time. As you can become the victim of identity theft at any given point, you can also take steps to minimize the risk of identity theft crime. Always remember that with a little careful advance planning and precautions, you can substantially restrict the chances of getting your identity stolen. Well, there are few points that need your consideration which are as follows:

1) Whenever you get a bank statement or a credit card statement in the mail, first of all read it carefully and then destroy it so that your personal information doesn’t sit in the trash can, when you dispose of it. Because identity thieves typically use trash as a way to get addresses, account numbers, names and other important information.

2) Some people get in the habit of giving it out on applications and writing their Social Security number on checks. Most businesses and other individuals do not need your Social Security number. Keep it in a secure area that no one else can obtain. If you want more info and guidelines you can head to www.argosriskdefender.com, www.kiplinger.com/, www.identityguard.com, etc.

3) In the event you shop online or bank online, a thief could steal your password and your identity. When this occurs, the thief could make purchases in your name or potentially transfer money from one of your own accounts. So, always stay alert even when shopping online.