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Many people rent and reside in condos and apartments, but these same units can be bought as investments. Buying an apartment or condo costs money, just like any of the other investment, but in addition it returns money monthly. Not every property will be prosperous, but most can be. The key is always to buy and lease at the proper cost. There are several factors that contribute to that cost.
The first variable is the true quality of the building and unit.

Larger spaces typically cost more, as do luxuries like granite counters and custom cabinetry. Ask yourself whether this is a unit that prospective tenants will be attracted to, when looking at an apartment or condo which you are considering purchasing. In fact you can even checkout these few online sources, such as www.apartments.com, www.zillow.com and you can also search http://paraisobay-sales.com/ for paraiso bay condos. From here you will get all the relevant information that you may require, further.

Another critical variable in determining cost is the location of the unit. Apartments and condos in prime locations may be more expensive to buy, but you’ll also bring more tenants and at a higher price. Purchasing an affordable apartment at the center of nowhere might be considered a smaller risk, but you may wind up biting the bullet because no one wants to stay there. So if you are looking for a solid investment opportunity, do not forget to consider buying and renting condos and apartments. Just be certain to consider the variables when deciding how much to pay, and how much to bill.