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Classic cars are things of beauty and many of their owners will spend many hours in taking care of them, restoring them and taking them out on the roads. Most classic car owners however, do not drive these cars daily and very often their annual mileage is nowhere near that of a modern car. For this reason, classic car insurance tends to be cheaper than that of modern car policies.

Classic car insurance has a number of unique features which can help you protect your pride and joy at any stage of restoration. For instance, it is a common feature of a classic car policy that the car will have an agreed value. This is where the car is expertly assessed and its value agreed at the start of the policy. This way, should a claim be made, the policy will pay out the full agreed value.

Another feature of a classic car insurance policy is cover whilst the car is laid up. This is useful if you are undertaking a restoration project and whilst the car will not be taking to the roads, it will require cover for it and its parts from theft or fire. As with any type of insurance, be sure to shop around to ensure you get the best deal at the right price.