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Speaker docks have become one of the most popular type of iPod accessories. Most people are not happy with the sound quality of the internal iPod speakers. A speaker dock offers a great solution. These docks come with a cradle that allows the iPod to be seamlessly integrated into the system. In fact, a lot of vendors have recently started integrate an iPod cradle into their products. Those products include FM radios and AV receivers.

Aside from using the cradle to extract music from the iPod, most speaker docks such as the Amphony iPod docking station double as a charge base. Once your iPod is plugged in, the internal batteries will be charged and you are good to take your music on the go. Aside from charging the iPod, some speaker docks include additional features. Some of the more recent docks have a built-in wireless audio transmitter. This transmitter can stream the music either to an FM radio or to a set of wireless speakers. The type of transmission depends on the type of dock. Docks with an FM transmitter are among the least expensive docks on the market. Docks that incorporate more sophisticated wireless protocols are usually more expensive and as such are usually bought by audiophiles.